Friday, September 3, 2010

Hello Everyone! It's ME!

So, if you're reading this, you're probably family or friends, so you already know about me going around the world in 103 days. I was in Beijing at a tea shop, talking with a newly-made friend when he told me I should make a blog logging my travel. Well, I took his advice to heart and here I am. I'm currently in the Xinjiang Province in the northwestern part of the country (China). The only time I can really blog is when I'm in a coffee shop (which I am in right now) so my blog posts might be few and far between. But I wanted to keep my family and friends updated with the story of my travels (and also to keep my wife, Susanne, from worrying about me). But nevertheless, I hope you will be riveted as I regale the tales of my voyage. So, till next time!


  1. try to post as much as possible man

  2. Cool dude can't wait to see where you end up next.

  3. Definately try to keep us updated man.